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Food for Thought

Author’s Note: as a debut post in my wordpress, let me share to you my first and modestly successful (if the grade 1.25 is an adequate basis for success) piece of creative writing in my Creative Writing 10 class during the first semester of AY 2008-2009. Enjoy.


I contemplated the apple cinnamon crepe the way Newton might have reflected upon the apple, as the big picture flashed before my eyes. It might have been but a moment’s hesitation, but the epiphany seemed likewise. Grasping on to the skeins of the present, I took a sip from my coke, the saccharine taste bringing me back to reality. I don’t usually spend my meals hovering between sanity and what feels like neurosis, but that’s what you get when you are the lone customer of a restaurant.


The mind is more susceptible to getting unhinged when one is immersed in solitude, and my mind wanders often enough even when preoccupied by companions. Earlier, I sauntered from one avenue of eating to another, but nothing felt inviting. I thought it outlandish to sit in a coffee shop on my own next to a couple, their mouths seemingly finding each other to be warmer and more delectable than what the menu offered, what with their mugs cold and long forgotten. A cheap meal in a fastfood resto also doesn’t sit well when you’re seated near a full-blown birthday bash. Ending up in a deserted establishment, then going on to eat cold food while drinking cold soda on a rainy day, to me, seemed like the perfect setting for my sojourn.


 As I started to eat, I stared out of the window where the rain still continued to pour. I saw a couple of street children being chased away by a hulking security guard, waving C2 bottles that they’ve excavated from trash bins as if trophies from a hard-earned victory. The tykes looked as thin as wafers, as if they could easily be snapped into two. I could almost feel those little tykes’ tummies rumbling in my imagination.


Then I remembered reading earlier in the newspaper that a 12-year old girl took to her own life because of their family’s hunger. I stared at their little parade for a while, looked at my crepe and then back at them. I remembered the smiles of the people I passed earlier who enjoyed the creature comforts as I gaped at the smiling faces of these young scavengers. They looked almost the same.


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