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Napansin ko lang na marami na akong naipong mga sulatin sa Facebook. At sa muli kong pagkakabasa sa mga ito, napansin kong katanggap-tanggap naman pala ang pagkakasulat. Kinolekta ko ang ilan sa kanila dito.

Kapag Silang Nanahimik Na

Araw-araw nalang, makakarinig ka ng balita na may dinukot, may tinorture, may pinatay.
Parang hinihintay nalang na isa-isa tayong dahasin ng armas na dapat nagtatanggol sa atin.
Para bang sa simpleng paghanap ng katotohanan at katarunga’y kabayaran ay buhay.
Pero hihintayin pa ng may pangamba na maubos ang sa paglaban ay nangahas.
Sino nalang ang aalma kapag silang nanahimik na ang papatayin?

The Fetishism of the UP Graduation Rites

The increase in Laude standings is far from being an indication of better standards of education, more of a manifestation of education’s commercialized character. I recall in my half-a-decade stay the various “tactics” employed by grade-conscious (GC) academics: vieing for slots in unoable classes (further spurred by the colonial RGEP curriculum), opportunism in group activities, and completely severing oneself from social relevance (one of the most popular schemes, insofar as UP is concerned.)

Based on various web sentiments as well as TV Interviews, UP Students further exhibit their ignorance of political activism’s social violence, an indicator of a lack of practical understanding of social phenomena that speaks of how these new denizens of the bum citizenry will really find themselves hammered into a flat pancake once they experience the real world. So where is the appropriate venue for a protest again? Do we conform to the dictates of the establishent i.e. the UP Admin/PNP/GMA’s Regime? Strained “Diplomacy” has long been tried and tested as simply NOT viable. Again, welcome to the real world.

There were qualms to the protest being conducted in the midst of singing “UP Naming Mahal.” The question that begs to be answered first: Does UP still deserve the patriotic reverence it once experienced when, in its present form, it actualizes its original purpose to be a colonial brainwashing facility sponsored by the US Intelligence agencies?

Again, it speaks volumes of the false reverence – which in this case is more of a fetishism – that traditional bourgeois UP students have for the university. Recall the proliferation of UP treated as a mere brand (I’m looking at you, Siglo products and various bourgeois UP Shirts.)

Is this a bitter post, you ask? Heck no. I’m a year delayed, more out of choice than of limitation. And by the day I’m losing the will to put up with the social construct that is colonial education. I’m happy in my volunteer work in an NGO this summer. I contribute more to society than those blinded by the illusion of the diploma as a contribution to social change.

If there is something I am bitter about, it’s that I didn’t realize this earlier, having only discovered that life is shit and shit cannot be changed unless we undermine the Establishment when I’m already neck-deep in the hell-hole that is the Establishment.


The way a youth thinks and participates in interpersonal communication is indeed influenced by his or her culture. To put it simply, a culture such as ours that is controlled by US Imperialist hegemony results in thinking that works for the imperialist’s interests. Various state apparatuses such as education and media create the illusion of westernization ergo development, but the local basic social conditions remain unchanged, far from that of first world economies.

Key to the success of Imperialist hegemony maintaining its control on the Philippines is the use of a highly globalized popular culture. Simply put, the middle class is exposed since birth to popular culture that gives the people illusions of equal, free-market opportunity all the while allowing only a miniscule part of the total Philippine population to actually experience development.

This has a dual purpose, in that the illusion of opportunity placates the people’s dissension by imbibing a culture of individualism, and at the same time prevents any real-term change in society’s superstructure by maintaining the concentration of access to resources and power to the small, pro-Imperialist pie of the population.

What happens to those who do not have access to the liberal popular culture? Their minds are likewise conditioned, but this time by the remnant feudal culture. As for those who think out of the box and harbour progressive and even radical thought, direct repression is applied.

Itong huling piyesa ay una at tanging parte na nagagawa ko palang para sa isang awit na nililikha ko para sa sektor ng agham at teknolohiya. Meron na kasi ang mga migrante, naisip ko, paano naman kami? Nilagay ko ito bilang status message:

Tinanong ko ang magsasaka kung ba’t sa araro nagtyatyaga | Kung ba’t sa patak pa ng ulan, naghihintay ng biyaya;

Ang sabi ko’y marami nang nalikhang teknolohiya | Magpapalago ng tanim, magpapagaan ng gawa;

Kanyang tahimik na sagot, parang sa isang inosenteng bata | “Walang saysay sa amin yan kung wala naman kaming lupa.”

Tinanong ko ang magsasaka kung ba’t sa araro nagtyatyaga

Kung ba’t sa patak pa ng ulan, naghihintay ng biyaya;

Ang sabi ko’y marami nang nalikhang teknolohiya

Magpapalago ng tanim, magpapagaan ng gawa;

Kanyang tahimik na sagot, parang sa isang inosenteng bata

“Walang saysay sa amin yan, kung wala naman kaming lupa.”


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