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Fine Art is Dead, Hobbes

Calvin: Fine Art is dead, Hobbes. Nobody understands it. Nobody likes it. Nobody sees it. It’s irrelevant in today’s culture. If you want to influence people, popular art is the way to go. Mass market comercial art is the future. Besides, it’s the only way to make serious money and that’s what’s important about being an artist.

Hobbes: So what kind of sculpture are you making?

Calvin: Please! It’s not “sculpture”, it’s “collectible figurines.”

Calvin: See, the problem with Fine Art is that it’s supposed to express original truths. But who likes originality and truth? Nobody! Life’s hard enough without it! Only an idiot would pay for it! But popular art knows the customer is always right! People want more of what they already know they like, so popular art gives it to ’em!

Hobbes: And how are the movie sequels this summer?

Calvin: Great! Man, there’s nothing I hate more than paying five bucks and having to deal with some new plot.

Hobbes: There! I made a tiger.

Calvin: That’s not good! Who’s going to buy something like that?! It’s subtle! It’s boring! It’s incomprehensible! How will this ever appeal to the lowest common denominator?! It’s completely unadaptable to merchandising tie-ins!

Hobbes: Who cares? I just wanted to make it.

Calvin: What?! Is this some snobby, elitist, AESTHETIC thing?!?

These are excerpts from “The Days Are Just Packed”, A Calvin and Hobbes Collection by Bill Watterson. In the near future, I will be looking into how the ideology of Calvin and Hobbes is formed in correlation to Bill Watterson’s treatment of his art.


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  1. to the majority, it’s been dead for so long

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