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Yesterday, digital copies of the alleged medical record of yellow fever presidentiable Noynoy Aquino circulated in the internet. Among the supposed symptoms Noynoy exhibited: Psychomotor retardation, Slowed gait and activity, Lack of initiative, Melancholia, Fatigue, Lack of self-confidence, and Lack of sexual interest, among others.

Aquino denied this. The signatory of the document, Fr. Caluag, also denied this document’s validity, citing that he did not have anything to do with the Psychology department of Ateneo (under which the document was supposedly published), that his e-signature could have been taken from any of his personally signed birthday greetings from 2000-2005, and that a more formal version of his signature is what he usually uses for documents like this.

I secured a copy from a blogpost that is now mysteriously deleted, and here they are for posterity. Of course, more important to remind to our voters is Noynoy’s arrogant assertions against the Hacienda Luisita Massacre. This smear campaign capitalizing on the “AbNoynoy” aura he exudes is just icing on the cake.


Comments on: "For Posterity: The Faux Medical Record of Noynoy" (2)

  1. kapirasongkritika said:

    Totoo ba ito? Hehe. Itinatanggi yata ni Noynoy.

  2. Yesh, it’s fake. Pati yung signatory nagsabi na hindi totoo yung dokumento. May disclaimer naman ako sa taas eh. Ayaw ko lang mawala ito sa kasaysayan. Hehe.

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