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Mass Media: still an appendage of state repression.

1. Lakas-Kampi and LP candidates get 65-85% rating; PMP, Kapatiran, and Bangon Pilipinas candidates get 40-60%; NP candidates get 20-30% rating with the exception of Adel Tamano.

2. WARS system, though having the proper disclaimer of having no scientific basis, is made to appear credible the way it is packaged as a new technology.

3. Ted Failon’s rephrasing of questions early on became lee-ways for Neric Acosta and Jovito Palparan to skirt incisive questions, though they had been doing that without Failon’s prompting.

4. Online live-blog and text results indicate Satur Ocampo’s relative success, getting a 61 vs 31% victory over Palparan in the second round, and getting 10% of text votes, double of what Palparan got, and 3rd place overall.

5. Live-blog results show the reaction of the middle class, however texting is a technology more accessible to the masses, yet the WARS results still hogs the larger on-air percentage.

6. Soundbites and black propaganda net huge percentages, however platform-based answers, either completely or partly, suffer poor percentages in the WARS system.

7. The debate format limited to 30sec-1min intervals for debates and rebuttals do not give sufficient time for concrete explanations on topics. You can particularly observe this on Satur Ocampo’s attempt to explain AFP-NPA war and peace issues. Obama and McCain’s debates in 2008 had them going for minutes in elaborating specific points of different topics.


Comments on: "Observations in ABS-CBN’s Harapan" (2)

  1. i agree. the poll results are really incredible. abs obviously favors lp.

    • I would just love to slap their trending faces with trending of our own. Aside from the above-mentioned victories online and in texting, Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza are leading in an exit poll conducted in HK by a newspaper outfit.

      Eat that, yellow army monsters.

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