Let's make verdant dreams real.

Taken from the Inquirer

The 2010 Elections is all about the future. It is the first time we are implementing an automated election system (it also might be the first time we face an epic poll automation failure). It is the first time we see New Media and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) used on a large scale to monitor the elections. More importantly, it is the turning point of history where we finally see the end of a degenerate regime under Arroyo and the beginning of, hopefully, a departure from such politics.

Activist lawmaker Ka Satur Ocampo is of the old generation, but has much to give for the new. Already in his 70’s, he carried his patriotic principles and revolutionary vigor from his days as a journalist and then revolutionary in the Martial Law era, up to the present as 3-term representative for progressive partylist Bayan Muna.

He speaks for the New. In his stint as Bayan Muna representative, he has co-authored such bills as the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Bill, sharing the FOSS advocacy of collective development and democratic accessibility with us young guns techies. He has fought for everyone’s right to universal education on and off the halls of congress. I remember he was one of the few politicians who stood in solidarity with the PUP students in putting a stopper on their exorbitant tuition and other fee increases. He has done his best to “speak our tongue” in reaching out to us, going as far as engaging in twitter and live chat.

He acts for the New. It is not new to most who have heard of him that he is a herald of the Politics of Change. His platforms alongside fellow Makabayan senatoriable Liza Maza brings to the Senate the activist brand of legislation, such as genuine land reform, a nationalist economy, and basic social services for all. Despite the old time detraction of branding him as a communist, he still proves through legislation and advocacy that his old time radical principles still work to uphold the people’s rights and interests.

When an Old Man speaks for the New Generation, you know that he has nothing but a bright future in mind for us. Ka Satur has proven that the militant activist movement will struggle and succeed on all fronts, because it is a movement that is for the people and by the people, and answers to the interests of the people and the people alone. In fact, in the face of an impending poll failure, Ka Satur was the first to call on all opposition parties to shed their colors and unite to prevent GMA Holdover or Military Takeover scenarios.

We need this old man in the Senate this coming May 10. He is the new face that will bring the change that countless familiar names and faces holding dynasty over Philippine politics for decades have failed to imbibe. Vote for genuine social change. Vote for Ka Satur Ocampo.


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