Let's make verdant dreams real.

With just one day left before the polls, it is clearer more than ever that the electoral battle is a showdown between the Nacionalistas and the Liberals. Beyond the surveys, we must more importantly put into consideration the masses’ pulse on the ground, the estimate party block votes, and media reach and saturation.  This is as real as it gets, and it is in this context that I appeal to my friends and colleagues: vote not only on an informed choice, but also on a realistic one.

With due respect to the memory of anti-dictatorship icons Ninoy and Cory Aquino, I strongly believe that Noynoy is the worst presidential choice there is. The Aquino campaign is built on negative campaigning, metaphysical claims of divine political intervention, and US-puppet and pro-elite platforms. Many of us have been disillusioned in the way the Aquino campaign exposed themselves as opportunists and not oppositionists. It is under this context that I appeal to my friends and colleagues: if you are voting against Noynoy, let it be a vote for Manny Villar.

To the Gibo supporters, I appeal for you to realize that his is a presidency that has promised to continue GMA’s retrogressive economic policies and militaristic approach in tackling the issue of social justice and peace. May you realize that his pitch for education is honey-coated just enough for us not to realize that it is merely the furtherance of commercialization policies. May you realize that being an anti-communist is passé, and actually counter-productive to development.

To the Gordon supporters, I appeal for you to reconsider your support for such an arrogant leader much like Noynoy, or worse. May you understand that his platform is among the most rabidly pro-US, and that his solution to unemployment being tourism is an indication of a gross misunderstanding of the roots of poverty. May you understand that his lack of rapport to the masses and his mediocre platforms will not a presidential victory make.

To the Madrigal, Perlas and Villanueva supporters. I appeal for you to get down your ivory towers of moral and/or socio-political idealisms, and realize that your concrete plans and actions are not enough to end the century-long entrenchment of traditional politics in the Philippines. To arouse, organize and mobilize the people for genuine change is painstaking work that can’t be solved in just a year or so’s worth of leafleting and house-to-house campaigning.

To the JC supporters, I implore you to realize that Catholicism survived only because of Pope John Paul II’s liberal reforms. Please apply the teachings of the bible in its prompt, present context. Realize that the call to “go forth and multiply” was in the time when the Christian mass base was too few to carry through with “Christ’s revolution.”

To the Erap supporters, I appeal to you to realize that once is enough. Let us not enter another cycle of history without knowing any better how to get through the bumps alive.

We who do not support Noynoy are proud to hold an informed vote. Let us further our deep analysis and coalesce our opposition vote under the candidate who has the best chance and better legislative track record, platform and issue stands. I appeal to you: Vote for Villar.

KMU reminds us what is the most important objective in the 2010 Elections: the Removal of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

We all have had enough the Arroyo Regime’s 9-year rule. And yet, being splintered by factional politics will surely be the undoing of our collective efforts to remove the Arroyo clique from power. While a Villar presidency is surely not the solution to our chronic economic and socio-political woes, his has the most tactical reforms to promise. His alleged issues on corruption can be addressed by voting for staunchly critical candidates like Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza in the senate, and the Bayan Muna Partylist in the congress who will hold him accountable.

To protect from an Arroyo coup, we need to have a genuine oppositionist Vice President. One who did not subscribe to GMA-style economics, who rejected genuine land reform, and who rejected the regulation of tuition increases the way VP survey topper Mar Roxas did, as LFS National Chair Terry Ridon put it. The most winnable VP bet who fits that bill is Jejomar Binay. Consider voting for him, too, as I would.

This is, after all, the real essence of New Politics: to engage in a tactical struggle to isolate the worst bourgeois candidacies by supporting the most progressive-leaning, all the while strategically promoting the harbingers of genuine development in the issues of land reform, economy, human rights and peace.

This is an appeal for the opposition vote to get real. Vote for Manny Villar. Vote for Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza. Sa ating pagboto, Bayan Muna Una sa Lahat.


Comments on: "An Appeal to Get Real: Stop an Arroyo Comeback, Coalesce the Opposition Vote!" (6)

  1. Kalokohan.

  2. ..and that is one great blog, dude! I’m now becoming your write-up stalker, haha! I love your blogs, and yeah.. the epistaxis upshots, ho ho!:D two thumbs up! (if i have a third thumb, i’d still give it to you, haha:D) Keep up the good blogs 😉

  3. @jana: I’m sure there are some level-headed people who would think otherwise. 🙂

    @mondz: thanks, madame. Please share this to your networks. We need to use the remaining 24 hours in making a difference.

  4. you can’t stop us..eddie kami! we won’t waste our precious vote for MANNY VILLAR..I know na aware kayo kung cno at ano c manny..so bakit iboboto nyo parin sya?hmm..anyway…comment lang naman…pis tayo sir!

    • Onaman, Jessa. Alam ko namang exercise in futility ito kung ineexpect kong laksa-laksang tao ang maipapaniwala ko sa paliwanag. Just trying kung meron pang mararasunan or not. Hehe. Antabayanan nalang natin ang developments bukas.

      It would be regrettable kung mananalo si Noynoy, pero wala naman nang ibang may fault dun kundi yung 70% ng botante na ayaw bumoto sa kanya pero hindi magawang makabuo ng united front laban sa kanya. Alam nating mailalagay sa worse position ang Philippines under his presidency, at maiiwasan sana natin ito.

      Pero ok lang. Hindi naman magpapatalo ang mamamayang Pilipino sa ganyan. Tuloy tuloy lang sa pakikibaka. 🙂

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