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Science and Virtue

I am a proud Xientian. As an alumnus of the Quezon City Science High School, or Kisay as we fondly called it, I believed in its motto Xientia et Virtus (Science and Virtue).  It is in part responsible for propelling me to where I am now, a volunteer in the patriotic scientist organization Agham, and working for the IT advocacy group, the Computer Professionals’ Union.

This pride is now being marred by the return of the infamous principal, Dr. Zenaida P. Sadsad.

Taken just last May 25, though the digicam's date settings are on the fritz. Sadsad came to Kisay only in September 2007.

You may remember her to be the marcosian principal who curtailed academic freedom with her attempt at suspending 4 critical bloggers just last year. Her policies were also largely unpopular to both the studentry and the staff, with an obvious victim of her ire being our long-time journalism advisor Arcadio “Rex” San Diego.

What you might not know are the allegations of corruption she has been involved in. This is probably because there are virtually no paper trails whatsoever. But what else could the motivation be in getting into a Regional Science High School but the many travel and funding perks it brings?

Our Alumni Association has decided to officially get involved in the issue. Our president, Ma’am Mildred Legaspi of batch ’74 (who, like Sir Rex, also came back to Kisay before to teach), has been part of the main organizers of the past protests that we have already engaged in. Teachers and Parents have started to mobilize too.

I am proud of my batchmates who have been active in supporting the cause. Among the many supportive people, there is Alexamuel Vadil, who despite the batch clown that he is, has been a regular fixture in our protests. Rakenrol, tol. My good friend Carla Anago has decided to push her political activity beyond every election period by starting in our very own backyard: Kisay. I am very proud of these guys.

The crack team of parents, teachers, students and alumni. Look for me, Carla and Alexamuel here!

I echo Carla’s sentiments when she wondered how it is so easy to get batchmates rushing to attend reunions and leisure activities and get virtually no response when it comes to socially-relevant activities. Every struggle for change in the system entails sacrifice, and it is up to us to transform these into acceptable losses. Remember Edmund Burke’s famed quote, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Good men are people of Virtue. Xientia et Virtus.

The latest update we have is her official return to Kisay this coming Friday, with his cohort of loyalist faculty and parents holding a welcoming event for her. We plan to get a quick response going, so we will be having an emergency meeting at 7pm today (Thursday) at the Woodfields Conference Room (103 Kamias Ext. Turn left from Anonas).

If you are a proud Xientian, to attend the meeting and the following action is the virtuous thing to do. Contact me through any of my social networking sites, or you can ask for my mobile number for any inquiry. We stood up once to Cavo with our black ribbons. Now, we can do more for our school outside of it. Never again to Sadsad.


Comments on: "Science and Virtue" (3)

  1. I-package nyo ang protest nyo as something cool and kakaiba. Parang yung mga naghuhubad na students sa NYU at ibang state U sa US. Haha. Joke lang. Basta something catchy.

    • Wish we could come up with a rush creative protest. Pwede bang mga stufftoy ang ibarikada dun sa gate? Hehe.

      • That’s too cute and you wouldn’t be taken seriously. :p

        What if, “Mahal namin ang kalikasan at mga hayop, pero please lang NO ANIMALS ALLOWED ON CAMPUS!”

        Though that would be too long.

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