Let's make verdant dreams real.

Let me conclude tonight (which has already spilled over the wee hours of next day) with a monologue from Calvin in one of his long-winded, philosophical rides down his evergreen backyard with Hobbes and their trusty wagon. Like Hobbes, I only mind the end of life, not out of fear, but only because right now my mind and heart is full of, as Lenin put it, what needs to be done.

Calvin: “I wish we could stop summer right here and have the days stay just the way they are. That’s the problem with life. It rolls along with speed you can’t control. You can’t go faster or slower.

Fun experiences always go roaring by… While bad experiences never pass quickly enough. I wish we could choose how fast and slow events go. For example, I’d like to speed up childhood and get to driving age.”

Hobbes: “It’s not the pace of life I mind. It’s the sudden stop at the end.”


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