Let's make verdant dreams real.

We all heard the infuriating news: the Department of Justice has just absolved the Armed Forces of the Philippines from any responsibility to the killings of the Kananga 3: top botanist Dr. Leonard Co, forester Sofronio Cortez, and farmer Julius Borromeo.


What makes it even more incredulous is the Inquirer headliner that announces: the NPA are responsible for the killings, and the Lopez-owned Energy Development Corp. (EDC) that hired Dr. Co’s team for the environmental mission that led to their deaths was also cited as responsible.


Earlier, progressive scientists group AGHAM led a fact-finding mission where it was concretely established that there was NO CROSSFIRE between the AFP and communist revolutionary forces from the NPA allegedly present in the area where Dr. Co was conducting a research for the EDC, the story which the AFP would want us to believe at the onset, where the only armed presence came from the AFP and the identified ammunition trajectories pointed to the advancing AFP forces.


Do they honestly take the scientific community for fools?


But this appears to be part of something bigger: a precursory look at today’s Inquirer print have exposed itself to be a state-run mouthpiece of the Aquino regime. The supposedly independent, “check-and-balance” Fourth Estate not only ran the DOJ’s whitewashing as its banner headline, it ran an editorial that praised Noynoy Aquinp’s “bad rice” gimmickry that also lionized the Liberal party and demonized Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano, who was merely being practical.


Its main letter to the editor is a thorough bashing of the revolutionary communist movement in the Philippines, clearly a one-sided piece that tries to describe the GRP-NDFP peace talks as a manifestation of weakness instead of an earnest want to address the roots of the armed conflict: poverty and systemic corruption.


Is this indoctrination at the national media scale in line with the state’s supposed Oplan Bayanihan (which is in line with the 2009 US Counter Insurgency Guide and is merely a recreation of Oplan Bantay Laya)? Apparently, it is.


I am reminded of how the issue of climate change, of which climate science has resoundingly proven as a fact and has called to action to, remains embattled in the halls of politics because of heavy, unfounded propaganda mixed with corporate-funded science and psuedo-science.


Is this a case of retrogressive political interest triumphing over progressive science and activism? Noynoy Aquino’s regime is proving to be no different to the past corrupt “dictatorships of the elite.”


Let us reiterate the call for justice. Prosecute the anti-people, “above the law” AFP. And lastly, what did the people call for in the past said administrations that failed to serve the people’s interests? OUST.


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