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Bloggers, Get Organized!

I have recently given my thumbs up and my name signed up for the idea of forming a nation-wide association that aims not only to improve the craft of all members, much like a guild of olden times, but also to advance the interests of all bloggers such as the quest for a better internet, much like a cooperative. Of course, such an initiative that has socio-political partisanship (not in the traditional but in the progressive sense) has been met with a certain degree of opposition. But as I commented in the post of one of the proponents of the initiative: Surely there is not a single blogger who would hope for Japanese and Korean broadband speeds?

The way I see it, the only motivation for opposition is crab mentality. Envy towards the fact that Janette Toral and Tonyo Cruz were the first to initiate it. Clearly, fame is not something that motivates these individuals, fame is something they already have just for diligently taking their craft to task. They do not need new firsts. But what we do need is to organize ourselves to develop the blogosphere community, both online and offline, and not restricted by one’s locality. I wasn’t included in the loop of consultation, but I didn’t cry. If such an initiative is for the community, then we could easily topple it if it is not used for the benefit of the community, it’s that simple. So why be afraid of this being used for personal benefit?


And I deem those who fear the “politicization” of a national blogger’s association too conservative in ideology. Kulang nalang tawagin niyo na rin itong komunistang insiyatibo. But wait, it has. Not everyone in the blogosphere enjoys the digital comforts you might have, I’m sorry to say, and a lot of us small-scale bloggers do care for faster internet speeds at cheaper rates such that we would organize ourselves to campaign for it.


I am for the pushing through of this initiative. Might I end this by quoting a comment by SEO Philippines in Tonyo’s rebuttal post:

[I]t is very simple if they don’t want to join then let them not join.

I just don’t see the point why people should view things negatively. “Eh di pa nga natin nasusubukan eh!”

You have my full support on this.





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  1. tomo tomo! clap clap clap…

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