Let's make verdant dreams real.


Lightscribing on the 12th anniversary of the premiere progressive S&T student group, the Agham Youth. Photo taken by our incoming AY 2011-2012 Chairperson, Pau Santos. (March 2011)

The highest commendations to my fellow people’s scholars from the student advocates of science and technology for the people, or Agham Youth (AY), in the event of our 12th anniversary. No other student formation in the University of the Philippines (UP) has advanced the integration of scientific and technological knowledge in the people’s struggles for democratic rights and national progress, and has united the university’s scientific community under the banner of social change.

In the first semester of 2010, AY actively pushed to raise the political consciousness by leading the actions of the 2010 350.org work party. It saturated the academe and non-profit sector with various creative actions promoting the call for significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and climate justice, including a build-up ‘green thumbs’ signature campaign, a blog action day, a nation-wide ‘quit coal quilt’ advocacy campaign, a grassroots education and treeplanting integration, and an environmental cultural night to cap the action plan.


The second semester saw impending budget cuts to UP and other state universities and colleges’ budget allocations. AY reconvened the Siyentistang Nagkakaisa para sa Demokratikong Karapatan (SINDAK) and coordinated with the University Student Council, College of Science Student Council (CSSC) and the College of Science (CS) administration under Dr. Cesar Saloma to go on strike with the rest of the UP community to call for greater state subsidy. AY led the biggest contingent with the entire CS community in the strike’s history.


The recently concluded student council elections saw the succesful mandates of AY members and officers who joined the slates of political parties STAND UP and MATTER both in the local college and university-wide contests. The victory of all its members made possible by the overwhelming support of our student constituency is the greatest acknowledgement of AY’s continued commitment to the people.


AY’s place in the Filipino people’s history is secured for its ceaseless service and activism. As our fellow members stand to graduate this year, we hope they will continue to make their science and technology instrumental to transforming Philippine society into a more democratic and egalitarian state. The doors of NGOs and institutions such as the senior Agham, the Center for Environmental Concerns – Philippines, and the Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment, Computer Professionals’ Union as well as other broad mass organizations from basic sectors such as the peasants, workers and fisherfolk remain open to committed volunteerism.

Congratulations to all and continue making S&T STP!


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