Let's make verdant dreams real.

To the ordinary netizen, opting to change one’s profile picture for a campaign can be motivated by limitation or a simple “what the heck, I’ll do it, why not” attitude. It was either the best one could do to contribute to the cause, something just to fulfill one’s conscience, or nothing but a random click. Of course, our heart goes out to the ones sincere in giving that small online gesture. Definitely, it was a drop bigger in the barely filled bottle of public awareness.


But to the organized activist, it is a sign of understanding the necessity of foregoing one’s self-interest to help send the message across. It indicated a commitment to the cause by exhausting any and all means of spreading the fire. Aware of the reasons why every repost counts, why every profile change is needed, why every vote is of utmost importance: why every drop is necessary in order for a ripple o grow into a wave, sooner or later. (Of course, those who did not have access to the internet in the first place are exemptions to the rule.)


So to you, the unsuspecting, properly motivated netizen, and especially to you, the nameless, faceless activist who chose to save his or her vanity picture for another day to help call for justice to the victims of Typhoon Sendong — they who were accused by the Aquino administration for supposed complacency, when those in power were the ones responsible to build their capacities in overcoming disaster and climate change impacts, when it was they who permitted large-scale mining and logging operations in our watersheds — I offer my highest salutation to your commitment to the cause.

Have a happy new year.


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